Coast to Coast

We love to see our customers come to our location for pickup of your new piece of equipment, but we understand that is not always possible in today’s busy environment. We can help with that by offering delivery on all groups of equipment detailed below:

Contact us or call us at 563.557.0957 and we will quote a price for delivery. Delivery charges vary based on location, permits, current fuel costs, tolls, etc.

Truck Mounted Equipment

We have drive away services at our disposal to provide you with a safe, prompt and insured delivery of your new truck. The driver will come to our plant, pick up your new truck, provide necessary permits, temporary license and delivery it to your doorstep. You will not need to provide transportation for the driver once he has made the delivery. The driver is responsible to get to his next destination.

Tanker Trailers

Tanker trailers can also be delivered. We again will provide you with a safe, prompt and insured delivery of your new tanker trailer. The tow away driver will pick up your new trailer at our location, provide temporary license and insurance along with delivery it to your yard of choice. Driver will drop the trailer and go on to the next destination with little or no effort on your part.

Flatbed Service

If buying a skid mount unit or installing one our tank bodies at your location, we can help get your purchase to its final destination. Advance Pump works with a variety of local and regional flatbed service providers. We will negotiate the best rate possible on your behalf for partial, on up to full load rates going nationwide.